Terasa Cjobanasul (Craiova, Romania) : Review

Parcul National Nicolae Romanescu,
Aleea Principală, Craiova 200738, Romania

V: 27 April 2018    T: +40 749 194 439 W: ro-ro.facebook.com/pages/Terasa-Ciobanasul/

Child Friendly: Yes (well behaved kids) Accepts: Cash & Card

I was in this park last year, and had Mici last time and it was very good. I had heard this place does the best Mici, so it was time to visit and try.

The Food…

Mici (inclus paine, mustar) 2.5 Lei

I love Mici, and this was really good!!! very tender and juicy, and with the mustard just as nice mmmm.

This is the second time trying Mici, and I still really love it. Perfectly cooked, and so good!!!

Portion Size : 5
Flavour : 5
Presentation : 5
Value for Money : 5


While I was here I was told to try something else, something called Hamsii

Hamsii 7 Lei

So when this arrived I was like “oh!” as they still looked like fish

So it was now time to try, what you had to do was hold them by the heard then bite.

To be honest this was nice, and after a few I was starting to really like them.

Portion Size : 5
Flavour : 5
Presentation : 5
Value for Money : 5


  • Atmosphere : 5
  • Staff : 5
  • Menu Choice : 5
  • Service : 5
  • Food : 5
  • Value for Money: 5
  • Overall : 5

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Ashtins Aromatics Shop (Glasgow, West End) : Review


114 Byres Road
Glasgow G12

V: 19th August 2018      T:  01389 299755  W: www.ashtinsaromatics.co.uk

Accepts: Cash & Card

So I don’t normally do many product reviews, but its something I am going to try to start.

Today I was walking about the West End of Glasgow and came across Ashtins Aromatics.

I recognised the name…..took me a few mins and then I remembered when I was at Lomond Shores they have a shop there and I have purchased a few items on my visits.

On entering the shop your hit was relaxing background music, and a lovely smell and many items to feast your eyes on.

Today I wanted a scented candle, as my others have finished. I like scented candles, and also incense sticks as I find them very relaxing.

There was a lot to choose from, so I took a slow walk around the shop.

The Purchase…

Shearer Candles: Vanilla & Coconut £10


Without even lighting this it smelled divine so I couldn’t wait to get home and light it.

I have now had this on every night I have been home and sat down to watch Netflix, and all I can say is very very nice.

The smell is nice and very relaxing.

I liked the sound of the Coffee one, can’t remember the brand but I can’t wait to try it next time.

If you’re in the West End, take a visit 🙂

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