Afternoon Tea at The Dome (Edinburgh) : Review



14 George Street
Edinburgh EH2 2PF


Visit Date : Friday 21st April 2017

I have only ever been in The Dome once, and it was to walk in to the hall at Christmas time and look at the decorations.

Today I was going for Afternoon tea. There were two types of Afternoon Tea one at £16.50 per person and one more expensive with some Champagne… I just wanted the normal one.

The last time I was in Edinburgh I had Afternoon Tea at The Waldorf Hotel so it would be interesting to compare the two.

On entering you see an amazing hall area, as you can see from the above photos its very nicely decorated inside (the photos don’t do it justice).

The last time I was here I thought the Afternoon Tea was served on this floor, which going by what I could see what very posh modern and really nice. We were told the Afternoon Tea is served upstairs, so we headed upstairs.

Afternoon Tea


The afternoon tea is served in the Georgian Tea Room, which is a very traditional looking room. Its very nicely decorated, but downstairs looks a lot nicer and modern so it really depends what your after when having Afternoon Tea.

The stand came out and it looked nice, but my first thought was there wasn’t a lot of sandwiches and second the size of the scones. Everywhere I have had afternoon tea these two factors are always the main talking point, as normally you don’t mind the amount of cakes if you have a good amount of sandwiches and the scones are a good size.

For me there could have been more sandwiches, and the scones too small. Don’t get me wrong it was nice enough, but value for money not that good as I have had more for less or for similar cost elsewhere.

Atmosphere was nice and relaxing, and the service today was very good.

Portion Size : 3.5
Flavour : 4
Presentation : 4


Overall today was an ok day, a little disappointed with the portion sizes of the Afternoon Tea as I had high expectations as I had only heard good things about The Dome.

I am not sure if I would go back here for Afternoon Tea when I visit Edinburgh. I still think the Waldorf Astoria Hotel even though a little more costly was 100% better value for money

  • Child Friendly : Yes (only if they are well behaved)
  • Cash/Credit Card : Both
  • Service : 4
  • The portion sizes & taste : 4
  • Atmosphere : 5
  • Value for money : 3.5
  • Overall : 3.5

Afternoon Tea at Blythswood Hotel (Glasgow) : Review



11 Blythswood Square
Glasgow G2 4AD


Visit Date : Sunday 23rd April 2017

Another day another Afternoon Tea, I have been having a few lately….

This visit for Afternoon Tea was with a itison voucher, to be honest I feel that this Afternoon tea with the voucher is 100% worth the value for money. If you do see it on itison I would recommend you get it.

I was actually a little surprised with this one, as when the Afternoon Tea arrived we got two stands for some reason I thought we would just get one to share so this was a great voucher.


There was loads and the presentation was really nice. I have seen some Afternoon Tea’s served in a different area from where I was today, but I am glad it was here as this was very relaxing and I had a great view of the room and out the windows.

Portion Size : 5
Flavour : 4
Presentation : 4

Overall :

Overall I cant really say anything bad about today’s visit, service and portion size was good. The sandwiches and cakes were all fresh, and I felt very full after it.

Again if you see this deal on itison 100% go for it, as its great value for money and its really enjoyable.

  • Child Friendly : Yes
  • Wheelchair Access : Yes (they have lift access)
  • Cash/Credit Card : Both
  • Service : 4.5
  • Portion Sizes : 4.5
  • Taste : 4
  • Atmosphere : 4.5
  • Value for money : 5 (As had voucher)
  • Overall : 4.5

Bo Vine (West End, Glasgow) Restaurant : Review



385 Byres Road
G12 8AU


Visit Date : Sunday 16th April 2017

I have passed Bo Vine many times when I have been at the West End, and also had a few chats to them via Twitter. When I passed and saw the Easter Sunday Market Menu offer, I went in and booked a table.


Cost : 2 Courses (£14.95) or 3 courses (£18.95)

Starter :

Smoked Salmon, Crab, Horseradish, Beetroot and Crouton


This looked visually nice when it arrived, and for me the portion size looked a good one for a starter.

Flavours were all very nice, everything blended nicely with each other. The fish flavour was not too fishy, which I know some people don’t like when ordering a fish dish but for me it was a nice balanced flavour.

Portion Size : 4
Flavour : 4
Presentation : 4

Main Course :

Spinach Ricotta Ravioli, Truffle Cream, Vegetarian Hard Cheese


When I ordered this I was told that they only had so much ravioli left, so we were offered Gnocchi instead which was fine with me.

On Arrived my first thought was the portion size, maybe a little too small but pasta is filling so I thought lets wait and see how it is.

I tried some of my girlfriends she did get the Ravioli, and to be really honest the Gnocchi was 100% better in taste.

Yes there could have been more as I still was a little hungry, but overall this was really nice and I enjoyed it.

Portion Size : 3.5
Flavour : 5
Presentation : 4


Coffee Creme Brûlée


I love Creme Brûlée so this was a must to order.

I laughed a little at the presentation mostly because it was a very large plate, then over to one tiny corner….granted I have seen this done elsewhere but today I laughed.

Anyway on to the taste….

This was very nice, I could have easily had two and the small cookies were nice.

Overall this was a nice dessert, and one I would have again.

Portion Size : 4
Flavour : 5
Presentation : 3.5


Overall my first visit here was just ok, part of me was a little disappointed with the portion sizes but then again it could have just been due to the market menu which in most places are normally that little bit smaller.

Taste, service and atmosphere were all very good and I look forward to trying some more dishes off the menu on my next visit.

  • Child Friendly : Yes (only if they are well behaved)
  • Cash/Credit Card : Both
  • Service : 4
  • The portion sizes & taste : 3
  • Atmosphere : 5
  • Value for money : 4
  • Overall : 4