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Chaakoo is open:
Now open for Breakfast!!!!

Mon-Sat 9am
Sunday 10:30am

Monday — Thursday
12noon -10pm (food)
11.30am -11pm(drinks)

Friday & Saturday
12noon -10:30pm(food)
11.30am -12am(drinks)

12noon -10pm (food)
11.30am -11pm (drinks)

T: 0141 229 0000
W :

Visit Date : 19 December 2016

What a shocker you’re saying or “does he go anywhere else”….and to answer that its a yes but this is becoming one of my fav places to go when I am out.

I had arranged with 3 of my friends to go to Chaakoo, two have never been and the other has once with me before.

As always the staff were very welcoming and again the atmosphere was really nice, do check out my other reviews here as I do review different food etc.

Hope you’re sitting down……tonight’s visit I have kept my promise and tried different dishes.

Chicken Lababdar £5.95
Lababdar is Hindi for soft & creamy, this chicken tikka dish is cooked in a rich brown onion gravy & butter sauce with capsicums, tomatoes & cream, in the traditional Andhra style.

This was a complete “lets see what this is like”, never had this and anytime I have been in Chaakoo with anyone they have never had this.

I am glad I tried this, it was very nice and the tikka and the cream sauce was perfect. I kept the chicken in the dish, and found it very large and difficult to cut up etc so next time I would put it on a plate as I feel that would be better.

This is one I would have again.

Ok so before I move on to my next two dishes, you need to know I am not a salad or a vegetables guy. Put them down in front of me and they will not get touched, two things I really hate.

That being said the next two dishes are very healthy and dishes I wouldn’t normally order….ok ok I did have the Paneer the last time but still it counts for this visit.

Saag Paneer £5.95
(V) a classic jalfrezi dish of spiced spinach, studded with cubes of creamy fried paneer cheese.

What can I say this is a very nice and light dish, its good flavour and one I will have again.

Gobi Manchurian £3.95
(V) Calcuttan fried cauliflower, garlic, chilli & ginger.

Ok so if someone said here have some cauliflower I would say no thanks, but my last visit with Emma and Wendy this dish was had and it looked nice.

I am so glad I tried this, this was amazing the flavour was good and the crunchiness of the cauliflower added to it.

Cocchi Torino, Arbikie chilli vodka, fresh orange, nutmeg, egg white — Sweet with subtle spice and the texture of a cloud

I have to have a cocktail when I am out, and yes I had this last time but its a good one. This was a little freebie tonight so thanks again Denny 🙂 cheers



The Mango Lassi has always been a favourite of mine when I go to an Indian restaurant, and last time when I tried it here i was very disappointed. It was too icy and not enough flavour, but I had heard this had been improved so I thought lets see.

This was more like it, texture was perfect, sweet and full of flavour this was a perfect Mango Lassi the way it should be 🙂

Overall  : 

Overall another perfect evening, and my friends all enjoyed the food and the night. Please do check out my other reviews for here, and please do visit Chaakoo you wont regret it.

Service : *****
Food Quality : *****
Atmosphere : *****
Rating (out of 5) : *****

Shimla Cottage Coatbridge : Review

Shimla Cottage
109 Sunnyside Road
Coatbridge ML5 3HR

Tel: 01236 436 030


The Shimla Cottage was a works Christmas dinner night out, now normally I don’t like to review any meals someone has treated me to just in case it’s not nice and it makes it hard to do a review on how I really feel.

Well,….This was a nice meal so here is the review.

I don’t normally go to Coatbridge, I tend to visit Glasgow or Edinburgh more so I didn’t know anything about Shimla.

On arrival we were welcomed and shown to our seat, and left for a minute then asked if we wanted any drinks while we looked at the menu. Once everyone got their drinks, it was time to order.

Starter :

Chana Puri
Sweet & Sour chickpeas wrapped in a pan fried light fluffy pancake


When I ordered I was asked if I want sweet or sour sauce with this, so I opted for sweet (I thought more a dipping sauce or something).

This was different to how I normally get this dish in Indian restaurants, the sauce was a nice touch but it made a nice plan dish very sweet.

Main :

Chicken Tikka Masala
Chicken cooked tikka style, simmered in a cream with yoghurt sauce giving an excellent mild dish


I had this with rice, and I have to say this was really good. Full of flavour and very nicely cooked.

Overall : 

I didn’t include any prices as this was a works Christmas dinner, but you can check out the website for all costs.

Overall my first experience here was very positive, the food was nice, the staff were very pleasant and helpful. Would I go back? Yes, but as I said I am not really in Coatbridge very often but its one to keep in my mind if and when I do.

Cornerstone Mens Shaving in the post : Review

In January 2016 I decided that I was paying too much for my grooming gear, so I decided to look about and try a few different products to see if I could cut my cost even just a little.

I tried many different shop brands, and found my shave still wasn’t as good as my original selection which I had been using for many years. After a while I noticed that there were a few companies that do shaving gear for guys, but done via the post which I thought sounded interesting.

I found 3 companies that did this, and started working my way through them.

I won’t mention the ones I didn’t like, but I will mention the reasons.

  • The Blades : I found sometimes one blade would be fine, then the next one I used would slice me, would only work for one shave and be blunt
  • The Handle : The shaving handle wasn’t great, it was meant to be flexible to go round the contours of the face. Due to it being flexible I found it tricky to use or it would break and I would have to order another.
  • The Gel : I have sensitive skin and even the ones that were meant for that, i always found it felt like it burned my skin or made me very red after it.

These are the main reasons, and then I came across Cornerstone.

Just like the other mail ones I tried, Cornerstone is also nicely presented.


My first order I ordered what I needed, as some things I preferred a specific brand :

First Box : 

  • Razor Blade  (optional engraving with your initials free)
  • Blades
  • Shaving Gel
This was my most recent box, as I didn’t need to order a razor blade again.

For me I can’t fault this service, it arrives when it says and gives a really good shave. The quality of the products are all top, and nothing about this screams cheap.

Why not give it a try for a month? you can cancel when you like plus if you click the link below it gives you £10 off your first order. The joining process is very simple, and only takes a few clicks.

Overall : 

For me this is a great service, I always get a good close shave and I have managed to cut my monthly costs. I have recommend this to a few friends, and just like me they think the same.

** Disclaimer : I have not been asked to promote Cornerstone, and I have not had any freebies from them. This post is all my own thoughts.